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Movie Review: 'In a World ...' -- 3 stars

Lake Bell in "In a World"

Lake Bell in "In a World" Credit: Lake Bell in "In a World"

In a World ...
3 stars
Directed by Lake Bell
Starring Lake Bell, Demetri Martin, Fred Melamed, Ken Marino, Rob Corddry
Rated R
Playing at Landmark Sunshine Cinema

Don LaFontaine died in 2008, leaving a legacy of a deep, bellowing voice and three iconic words.

In the new comedy “In a World ...,” written, directed by and starring dynamo Lake Bell (“Black Rock”), the world of movie trailer voice actors takes center stage, built on a battle to land a high-profile gig doing the voice-over for a new female-centric fantasy series. The big selling point is it will revive LaFontaine’s “In a World ...” line.

Part romantic comedy, part coming-of-age drama and part the story of a woman with daddy issues, “In a World ...” features Bell as the daughter of an another iconic voice-over actor (Fred Melamed, “A Serious Man”), who desires to get into the family business. But she is stunted by her own emotional issues and by her egotistical father, who firmly believes women have no business doing voice-overs. Her dad, however, is supportive of Gustav (Ken Marino), a pompous young gun in the industry.

Bell’s story is a funny, touching look at the pangs of having maturity forced upon you. With a superb supporting cast — including Demetri Martin as an adoring sound tech and Rob Corddry as her brother-in-law — “In a World ...” is a film worthy of its iconic title.

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