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Movie review: 'Trollhunter,' 3.5 stars



3.5 stars
Directed by André Øvredal
Starring Otto Jespersen, Robert Stoltenberg, Knut Nærum
Rated PG
In Norwegian with subtitles

Unlike a lot of other mockumentaries that fail to make the big reveal and show the big baddies, “Trollhunter” brings the goods. You’re going to see some mile-high hulking, snarling, dripping trolls lumbering through the Scandinavian countryside wielding names like the Mountain King and Ringlefinch.

The film starts with three college students doing a video investigation into some strange stuff going on in the wilds of Norway. Officials claim it’s all from bears, but the students aren’t buying it. They soon encounter the mysterious Hans (Jespersen), a burly, bearded, rugged type of guy.

Hans wants nothing to do with the students, but they’re persistent and, following in the tradition of college kids making bad decisions in horror films, they follow Hans one night deep into the forest, where they encounter their first troll.

Hans, as you may have guessed by now, is a trollhunter, and he soon reveals that he works for the government’s bureaucratic Troll Security Service tracking down these creatures.

Tired of working in a thankless government job, Hans agrees to let the students come with him on a troll hunt and reveal his work to the world.

Jespersen, who is likely unknown to most Americans, is one of the bigger comedians in Norway. Much like Hugh Laurie on “House,” he is the grizzled, does-whatever-he-wants type of hero that is compelling to watch, and he plays the role beautifully.

At times the film seems a bit slow, and the college students are about as cookie-cutter as you can get, but then you’re presented with an exhilarating troll hunt featuring giant monsters and you can’t help but get excited.

“Trollhunter” is a cult classic waiting to happen.

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