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Movies trail TV in LGBT portrayals: GLAAD

Ben Whishaw as Frobisher in “Cloud Atlas”

Ben Whishaw as Frobisher in “Cloud Atlas” Credit: Ben Whishaw as Frobisher in “Cloud Atlas”

While the LGBT community has in the last decade become increasingly better represented on the small screen, the film industry is drastically lagging behind its entertainment peers, according to a recent GLAAD report.

In their first film industry evaluation of LGBT presence onscreen, GLAAD examines 101 movies released in 2012 by Hollywood’s six major studios and delivers a rather dismal grade.

Of the 101 releases, only 14 featured gay, lesbian, or bisexual characters and not one contained a transgendered character.

Of the big six, Universal Studios leads the curve with 25% of its films featuring appearances by LGBT characters (including “Pitch Perfect” and “American Reunion”), earning an “adequate” rating from GLAAD, while Fox (0%) and Walt Disney (7.7%) received “failing” grades.

“If the major Hollywood studios want a real barometer of how much has changed in our society and how much catching up they have to do, they need only look at what’s become one of the greatest threats to their viability: television,” the report advises. “It’s high time that the major film studios follow suit in their own productions.”

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