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MTA and union won't meet to discuss contract until later this week

John Samuelsen

John Samuelsen Credit: TWU president John Samuelsen speaks with reporters after leaving a contract negotiation (Marc Beja)

The MTA and its largest union don't expect to meet again at the bargaining table until later this week, officials said.

A Transport Workers Union spokesman said contract negotiations would likely resume on Thursday because MTA officials will be busy at the agency's monthly committee and board meetings Monday and Wednesday.

TWU president John Samuelsen stormed away from the negotiating table on Thursday, accusing the MTA of leaking details of negotiations to the press. The MTA denied his claims.

The TWU entered its second week without a contract Monday. Both sides remain far apart, particularly over wage increases.

The MTA says it can't afford to pay employees more without concessions to cover those costs. Samuelsen has rejected the agency's position, and has demanded raises that match inflation.

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