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MTA not amused by spoof service announcement posters

Fake subway service alert posters that take jabs at the MTA’s plans to cut service are no laughing matter, the agency said Tuesday.

The orange posters replicate the NYC Transit signs down to the Helvetica font and “GREED” typed out in circular train letters.

“We are making service cuts because we can screw you over and keep you thinking there’s nothing you can do about it,” state the posters, which were spotted in the West 4th Street and 34th Street stations late Monday night.

NYC Transit spokesman, Charles Seaton said that transit workers will rip down the signs and report anyone hanging them up to the cops.

The signs are affiliated with a mock agency Web site called “the New MTA: State of Decay,” which features “press releases” about the agency’s need to outfit the homeless with security cameras in place of station agents.

“This will turn almost every single homeless person into a walking, breathing, living surveillance camera where we can track commuters and potentially fight crime,” the site states in tongue-in-cheek fashion.

The prankster behind the posters did not respond to an e-mail sent through their Website.

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