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MTA poll shows 71 percent of subway riders satisfied


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New Yorkers have been known to gripe about their subway rides, but it seems that a number of them are actually OK with the underground system.

Some 71 percent of 1,200 riders surveyed by the MTA in June said they are “satisfied” with overall subway service and station conditions, according to data the agency released yesterday. They gave high marks in areas such as the helpfulness of conductors and the speed of the subways.

“What we have to do is not lose sight of the fact that whatever the survey and polls tell you, there is a large segment of the public that believes the service needs to be improved,” said MTA board member Charles Moerdler.

Bus riders, however, told the MTA there was much room for improvement, with only 62 percent of those polled saying they were “satisfied.” One of their biggest complaints was the unreliability of service.

“This survey demonstrates the importance of improving service where we can in cost-effective ways,” said MTA chairman, Jay Walder.

It was unclear yesterday whether has taken a comprehensive survey of the system in the past, though riders have been asked to rate subway lines.

Straphangers interviewed yesterday were largely divided about their rides.

Aaron Hogue, 46, of Harlem often takes the A, C, B, and D lines and said he finds the routes timely.

Meanwhile, “A” train rider Lesley Simon, 28, of Brooklyn, seemed to experience a totally different system, complaining about the difficulty in catching late night trains and their cleanliness.

“There are trains people don’t sit in the cars it smells so bad,” he said.

In other MTA news yesterday:
— The MTA plans to spend $9.7 million on installing security cameras on 426 buses starting next year. Cameras will be added to buses often targeted for crime.
— Riders are starting to be reminded of the impending transit fare hike set for Dec. 30. First signs were spotted at the 34th Street and Eighth Avenue station, with more planned in the coming days, the agency said.

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