The doomsday cuts are getting a makeover.

MTA officials are furiously retooling dozens of service cuts slated to hit straphangers in July. Among the ideas is the possible elimination of the M train, with the V replacing the line where it runs through north Brooklyn to Middle Village, transit sources said.

The MTA already proposed scrapping M service in Brooklyn, which runs only during weekday rush hours and serves 17,000 straphangers.

Riders most inconvenienced by the new proposal would be those in Queens who would have transfer to the J to access five lower Manhattan stations.

“No train is no train. We’re still shafted,” said Gene Russianoff, of the Straphangers Campaign.

The cuts were announced last month to help fill a $400 million budget gap, with the agency recycling a package of reductions first considered last year. The proposals included eliminating the W and Z trains and curtaining to the G and M. Dozens of bus lines would be scrapped or reduced.

MTA officials are now trying to soften the cuts, including restoring some of the bus reductions, transit sources said.

A MTA spokesman couldn’t confirm the specific changes, but said that MTA CEO Jay Walder is “reviewing all of the cuts and that some will likely be replaced with others.”

When the cuts were first discussed last year, the proposals included reductions to costly express bus service. Those cuts were removed after the city protested, and an infusion of cash from the state prevented nearly all of the cuts from happening.

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