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Music Review: The Octopus Project's 'Fever Forms' -- 2.5 stars

"Fever Forms"

"Fever Forms" Credit: "Fever Forms"

‘Fever Forms’
The Octopus Project
2.5 stars
The sixth album from the Austin-based Octopus Project is a celebration of cerebral, sophisticated pop. Their sound has mellowed with age, but still seeks to marry experimental electronic rhythms with intricately patterned vocals, to a result that sounds like somewhere Devo might have ended up if they had never achieved quirky fame. “Fever Forms” is conversely less feverish and formalist than the highly processed polyphony of 2010’s “Hexadecagon,” trading in that record’s surging sense of momentum for more varied fare. The softer tracks, from the brightly toned “Whitby” to the dreamy arcade bloops of “Choi Sighs,” stand out from the glitchier pummeling that remains from the group’s earlier days, and the Octopi finally nail the balance with the sweet motoring of the closer, “Sharpteeth.”

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