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New app offers on-demand delivery

WunWun app

WunWun app Credit: WunWun app

Purchased a new hair dryer and need it delivered to your door stat? Now there’s an app for you.

WunWun, an on-demand helper startup, is releasing an iPhone app today to allow New Yorkers to have whatever they want delivered to them for free, provided that it is legal and fits in a Smart Car.

To start out, the service will cover the area from the Financial District up to 99th Street, from east to west, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. The app’s developers plan to start serving Brooklyn next, according to co-founder Lee Hnetinka.

“When you request something, a helper is with you in moments and gets you whatever you want,” Hnetinka said, whether it’s a Starbucks coffee, a hair dryer, “or something custom, would be like [bringing] your keys to your Airbnb guest who is at your apartment.”

The pricing is structured so that deliveries of purchases that cost $10 or more and can be made at any store are free.

More specific pickups from places that are not stores or that have to be made somewhere specific, such as Starbucks or a dry cleaners run, cost $20. Deliveries from restaurants and product returns are also $20.

However, deliveries that are store-specific or that are not store purchases, food, and product returns cost $20. In addition, WunWun will only make store purchases of $10 or more.

But don’t worry about tipping, Hnetinka said, as the service guarantees a good experience. “We don’t believe in tips,” he explained.

How does it work? The app has your credit card on file, and a helper takes a photo of the product and receipt and sends it to you via iMessage. The helper then heads to you to deliver what you need.



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