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New details about Lara Logan assault

Lara Logan

Lara Logan

CBS reporter Lara Logan was reportedly beaten with flagpoles, stripped, viciously punched and subjected to “aggressive pinching” as part of her sexual assault in Egypt, according to new details published yesterday.

The “60 Minutes” correspondent was pinched so hard that the welts on her body were first believed to be bite marks, according to unnamed sources.

“Lara is getting better daily,” a friend told The Times of London. “The psychological trauma is as bad as, if not worse than, the physical injuries.” Logan is said to be recovering in her Washington D.C., home after spending five days in a New York hospital.

A member of her security team had his hand broken by the roiling mob in the aftermath of President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation.

Security guards vanished from Tahrir Square and Logan was enveloped by a mob of about 200 men who flooded into the area. Various journalists said the crowd had been angered by false Egyptian media reports that foreign journalists covering the protests were disguised Israeli spies.

After about 30 minutes of abuse, Logan was saved by a group of women and Egyptian soldiers, who took her to the Four Seasons Hotel. She was eventually flown out of the country on a chartered jet.

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