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New NYPD aerial video of WTC collapse


amny Credit: YouTube

A chilling video of the Twin Towers’ final moments shows their collapse from an unexpected vantage point: an NYPD helicopter.

The video, posted Sunday on YouTube, was taken from the chopper as it swirled through clouds of smoke hemorrhaging from the burning North Tower. Then, a policeman can be heard exclaiming about the South Tower: “Holy crap! They knocked the whole freakin’ thing down!”

Later, after the chopper has landed and taken off again, a cop is heard saying, “We got out of there at the right time.”

The 17-minute video was released by the NYPD to the National Institute of Standards and Technology following a Freedom of Information Act request. The agency investigated the collapse of the towers.

An unknown person released the video to Cryptome, a website run by scholars that posts information concerning surveillance, cryptography, free speech issues, environmental disasters and spying.

While there has been lots of aerial footage of the attacks from news choppers, this is the first aerial footage made public by the NYPD, said a police source.

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