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New on DVD & Blu-ray: 'They Live,' 'Amazing Spider-Man,' more

"They Live"

"They Live"

'They Live: Collector's Edition'
If you've already seen this cult classic from writer/director John Carpenter, I don't need to sell you on the over-the-top insanity of the story of Nada (played by wrestling legend Rowdy Roddy Piper), who finds a pair of sunglasses which show him that aliens are living here on Earth and trying to control the human race through subliminal messages. Nada and his pal Frank (Keith David) then work together to reveal this deception. This is a super fun, highly quotable (Google the "bubble gum" quote) romp that should be beloved by everyone, not just cult fanatics. (DVD, $19.93; Blu-ray, $29.93)

'Your Sister's Sister'
Emily Blunt stars with Mark Duplass in this indie comedy-drama that was a huge at Sundance. (DVD, $24.98; Blu-ray, $29.98)

'With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story'
This interesting documentary chronicles the life of the longtime Marvel Comics writer and editor. (DVD, $24.98)

'Arthur Christmas'
This computer animated film comes from Aardman Animations, which is best known for "Wallace & Gromit." This holiday feature follows Santa's son as he chips in to help dad deliver a present. (DVD, $30.99; Blu-ray/DVD combo, $40.99)

'Ruby Sparks'
The directors of "Little Miss Sunshine" reunite with Paul Dano for this rom-com about a writer (Dano) who creates a character named Ruby Sparks, played by Zoe Kazan. Oddly, his creation comes to life. (DVD or Blu-ray, $29.98)

'Amazing Spider-Man'
Andrew Garfield makes his debut as your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Somebody should adapt this into a Broadway musical or something. (DVD, $30.99; Blu-ray/DVD, $40.99; Blu-ray 3-D/Blu-ray/DVD, $55.99)

'The Campaign'
Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis star in this well-timed comedy about two guys facing off in a congressional election. It's certainly one of the better Ferrell movies recently, but it's pretty formulaic. That said, I laughed a lot, so as a comedy, it was effective. And Ferrell fans will love it. (DVD, $28.98; Blu-ray/DVD combo, $35.99)

'All in the Family: The Complete Series' (DVD, $199.99)
'American Restoration: Volume 2' (DVD, $19.95)
'Coma' (DVD, $38.99)
'Copper: Season One' (DVD, $49.98; Blu-ray, $59.98)
'Entourage: The Complete Series' (DVD, $249.99; Blu-ray, $299.99)
'Law & Order: The Eleventh Year' (DVD, $36.98)
'The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams: Season One' (DVD, $29.93)
'Streets of San Francisco: The Complete Fifth Season' (DVD, $89.98)

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