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New York is a man's world, new survey says

By Jason Fink 

and Robert Levin

New York City is a guy’s kinda town.

That’s according to AskMen, a lifestyle website that Monday ranked Gotham the best city on the planet for men — especially when it comes to meeting the opposite sex.

With its can’t-be-beat nightlife, ratio of men to women and range of professional choices, the city is the best place for a young, single guy to spend a year of his life, said James Bassil, editor in chief of AskMen.

“There’s a huge range of opportunities there,” Bassil said. “Although it may not be the best place to meet a wife, it’s the best place to meet a lot of women.”

The site, which ranked 29 cities in a range of categories, gave New York perfect scores for going out at night and its cultural offerings by day, for the “fresh-air factor” of its many parks, and even for its wealth of successful sports teams.

Though the city didn’t crack the top five in last year’s survey, Bassil said editors and writers at AskMen gave more weight to recreational pursuits this year.

“Those are the things that really put New York over the top,” he said.

Both men and women weren’t surprised yesterday when told of the findings.

“It is a good place to live because there’s lots of scenery, the gyms are great, there’s great transportation,” said Jason St. Albans, 26, of Jamaica. “I go to great bars, there’s great nightlife. (There’s a lot of) looking at the ladies and fashion. By 10:30 at night in lower Manhattan, you see them all passing back and forth.”

In the “dating” category, New York scored an 8 out of 10, owing to the high percentage of college-educated women and the ratio of men to women as compared with the 49 other cities the website examined.

“They have all their pickings in New York,” said Cristal Arreola, 19, of the Bronx. “They have so many different choices.”

Not surprisingly, cost of living was a mark against the Big Apple, as was the unemployment rate and the average number of vacation days. But Bassil said because the criteria were meant for someone who only spends a sort time in the city, potential fun outweighed the cost of the daily slog.

“There are great sports teams here,” said Rob Fernandez, of Queens. “As for the jobs, it’s pretty rough out there.”

Heather Haddon contributed to this story  

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