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New York’s Who’s Who share their 2013 New Year’s resolutions

Christine Quinn, Congressman Joseph Crowley at Shri Guru

Christine Quinn, Congressman Joseph Crowley at Shri Guru Ravi Dass Temple. (Charles Eckert) Credit: Christine Quinn, Congressman Joseph Crowley at Shri Guru Ravi Dass Temple. (Charles Eckert)

Now that we’ve said goodbye to 2012 and it’s time to look ahead, we wanted to know: What do the city’s leaders want from 2013?

To answer that, we rounded up a collection of politicians, chefs, actors, musicians, sports stars, city personalities and more, and we asked them: What is your 2013 resolution, and what is your wish for city in the coming year?

The responses were as eclectic as the crowd itself: some want less crime, some want an NBA championship, some want more equality and some simply want “more.”

Here are hopes and wishes from some of the city’s biggest personalities:

Food Network host Chef Anne Burrell

Resolution: “My resolution is to eat more sushi and my wish and hope for NYC in 2013 is NO MORE hurricanes and that people recover from Sandy.”

Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian

Resolution: “My New Year’s resolution is to continue to expand my children’s horizons ... in education and life experiences.”

Wish for NYC: “My hope is as always, for more of it.”

Danny Burstein, Tony-nominated actor (“Follies,” “South Pacific”)

Resolution: “My New Year’s resolution is to try not to worry so much, to stop and smell the roses.”

Wish for NYC: “My wish for the city is for better gun control laws. I agree with our Mayor, dealing with this issue is long overdue. In other words, I’d like it to be a peaceful new year here at home.”

Joe DiPietro, Tony-winning book-writer and lyricist (“Memphis,” “Nice Work if You Can Get It”)

Resolution: “I resolve to work my a-- off on my new show with David Bryan, ‘Chasing the Song,’ which we are work shopping in January in LaJolla.”

Wish for NYC: “My wish for the city — besides peace and sanity — I wish there wasn’t a Duane Reade or a CVS on every other corner on the Upper West Side.”

“Pop That” rapper French Montana

Resolution: “To keep hitting the studio (and) being more creative with my music.”

Wish for NYC: “My wish for NYC — I hope that everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy is able to rebuild bigger and better.”

“The MF Life” singer Melanie Fiona

Resolution: “To be better than I was last year!”

Wish for NYC: “My wish for NYC is that it will continue to be the most bold fearless city in the world ... and to get rid of some of that traffic going to JFK. A girl's got a plane to catch!”

Guardian Angel and AM 970 The Answer talk show host Curtis Sliwa

Resolution: “My new year’s resolution is to have things get better in 2013 than they did in 2012. They were just horrible. You saw dog faces of doom and gloom on all the people's faces because of the various problems, like Sandy or the fiscal cliff. There is not a trust in officials to get things done.”

City Comptroller John Liu

Resolution: “We are resolved that the New Year will bring more economic growth and prosperity for our beloved City, that we will heal from the scars of Superstorm Sandy, and that we can promote peace and justice for all.”

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn

Resolution: “To help New Yorkers still reeling from Hurricane Sandy recover fully and quickly, to rebuild New York City to protect New Yorkers from the impact of climate change and to develop and implement laws and policies that will make NYC more affordable, improve tenants’ lives and protect the future of the middle class in all five boroughs.”

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz

Resolution: “A diet, because I can't afford an all-new wardrobe and there is no material left to let out the clothes I do have.”

Wish for NYC: “Full restoration for Sandy-impacted homeowners and small businesses, and businesses along Emmons Avenue re-opening; Loew’s Kings groundbreaking; groundbreaking for Coney Island amphitheater; completion of Squibb Park Bridge for easier accessibility to Brooklyn Bridge Park, construction and preservation of more affordable housing; advocating for one (or two!) casinos in Brooklyn.”

Celeb hair stylist and salon owner Ted Gibson

Resolution: To create a sense of calmness to my life and live it to the fullest.”

Wish for NYC: “I cannot wait till the Freedom Tower is finished in 2013. It means so much to so many of us New Yorkers, and the completion will mean prosperity, abundance and showing the world that Americans are amazing people and that we bounce back no matter what!”

Knick J.R. Smith

Resolution: “Being a better dad. Just trying to be a better father in every aspect of my daughter’s life. Just do as much as I can. Teach as much as I can. Spend as much time with her as I can. We’ve got a busy season so just stay in her life as much as I can throughout the season.”

Wish for NYC: “Just for everybody to be kinder to one another. There’s a lot of murders around over sneakers and things like that. Just be a little kinder to everybody.”

Knick Steve Novak

Resolution: “My new year’s resolution, although not exciting, is to be on time for everything. To not be late for anything. And I think as a team, actually, that's something we should actually focus on. Being on time for everything. Being prompt and letting that carry over into everything we do.”

Wish for NYC: “What I wish for them is an NBA championship ... That would be my wish for all New Yorkers.”

Liberty player Plenette Pierson

Resolution: “My personal New Year's Resolution is to continue to better myself both on and off the court. I want to finish some things I've started in the past, and set some new goals for myself and my future. Lastly, I want to continue to work hard and grow as a player as well as a person.”

Wish for NYC: “My New Year’s resolution for NYC is for the people and the city of NY to continue to recover from the devastating effects of Sandy. I want to see the people and the city rebuild and restore everything the storm took away. I also want the NY Liberty fans to continue to offer their unwavering support and dedication to our team.”

Liberty player Cappie Pondexter

Resolution: “Bringing humanity to better myself!”

Wish for NYC: “My New York resolution is to win a WNBA championship to the city as well as branding my company to another level this year!”

Comedian Mike Recine (@mikerecine)

Wish for NYC: “That Mayor Bloomberg extends his soda ban to Pineapple Fanta, because Pineapple Fanta is gross. That everyone in Williamsburg smile and shower more. ... Vegan restaruants start serving meat and dairy options for guys who are afraid to stand up to their girlfriend. ... Train conductors have to stop telling us we are delayed because of "train traffic" when it's 2 am and you just waited twenty minutes for this one to show up.”

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