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New Yorkers love Citi Bike, says DOT data

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New York City is smitten with Citi Bike, according to new data from the city Department of Transportation.

Citi Bike rentals made up about a third of all bicycle traffic in service areas on an average day in August, accounting for about 33,000 daily trips, according to DOT data released Thursday.

New Yorkers and visitors made about 113,000 total bike trips daily in August in Citi Bike service areas -- Manhattan below 59th Street and parts of Brooklyn -- and bike ridership citywide was about 342,000 trips daily during that period, the DOT said.

Citi Bike even held up under harsh weather conditions. About 19,000 trips were taken Wednesday, when temperatures dipped below freezing.

"Our bike-share program has been a big hit among New Yorkers and visitors alike," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a statement. "Citi Bike has helped expand our transit network and provided a new and safe option for commuting in our city."

In the program's first 200 days, about 5.8 million trips have been taken using Citi Bike rentals, racking up more than 11 million miles, the DOT said. The program has about 95,000 annual members, and about 350,000 others bought daily and weekly memberships.

"Citi Bike has opened a new kind of travel option, helping extend the reach of transit and opening more parts of the city for millions of riders," DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan said.


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