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New Yorkers resolve to make city cleaner, greener and more polite

New Yorkers will ring in 2010 with new goals for themselves, but what can they resolve to do for the city? Residents polled by amNewYork had no shortage of civic-minded resolutions. Topping the list were calls to make the five boroughs cleaner, greener and, yes, a lot friendlier. Here’s a sampling:

“Clean up because people throw garbage everywhere and it makes the city stinky.”
-- Lucas Alvarez-Carey, 6, Bellerose

“People should be easier on themselves and happier with themselves. There’ll be more calm and more peace.”
-- Kevin Etienne-Cummings, 31, the Bronx

“Less smoking while walking. You’re forcing everyone walking behind you to smell it. Stand still and smoke.”
-- Brad Eichmann, 28, Park Slope

“Pick up trash on the subways. People throw things on the tracks, and it could start a fire.”
-- Toja Okoh, 33, the Bronx

“Be gentler on the environment. … Doing your part to help make the world a little greener can start with simple things such as recycling.”
-- Christine Datz-Romero, Lower East Side Ecology Center

“Outlaw nonrecyclable plastics: We have the power of numbers. If NYC says ‘no’ to non-recyclables, producers will listen.”
-- Majora Carter, Majora Carter Group

“Save money. We’re spending too much and thinking too independently about ourselves. If you don’t spend on yourself, it may help you to care more and help others more.”
-- Jeremey Rey, 17, Bedford-Stuyvesant

“To help even more LGBT New Yorkers have safe, happy and healthy new years.”
-- Glennda Testone, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center

“If you smoke, every day is the right day to quit.”
-- The staff of the City Department of Health

“Work hard to keep protecting freedom of the press in New York City. And root for another Yankees championship.”
-- Glenn Schuck, the New York Press Club

“Smile more. … I don’t think they mean it as attitude, but everyone has their own thing going on.”
-- Ryan Hanis, 28, Upper East Side

“Grow more trees and grow more plants. It makes the city nicer and makes the air fresher.”
-- Aidan Bass, 8, Clinton Hill

“Saving more of New York City’s homeless animals than ever before.”
-- Ed Sayres, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Julie Gordon and Emily Hulme contributed to this story.

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