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News site discovers Sarah Palin's Facebook alter-ego


Palin Credit: Getty Images

Sarah Palin has apparently has been leading a double life — on Facebook.

The Tea Party darling may have created a secret Facebook account designed to praise her official profile and lavish love on her daughter and her gym in Wasilla, Alaska.

Online news site Wonkette discovered the profile for "Lou Sarah" (Palin's middle name is Louise) after tracing it to the former Alaska governor's private Gmail address. Palin's e-mail came to light in a leaked manuscript of the memoir of one of her former aides.

"Lou Sarah" has made comments such as "amen" and has "liked" posts on Palin's official page, in addition to posting videos about Palin. "Lou" also praised Palin's daughter Bristol's performance on "Dancing With the Stars."

"Lou" has only 12 friends, some of which are Palin's political appointees, and lists Wasilla-based Edge Fitness among her "interests and activites."

The page remained open to the public as of Tuesday evening. She had no immediate comment.

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