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Nick Cage may have gotten this Toronto student a job

photo of the email mistake

photo of the email mistake

Nicholas Cage can be thanked for potentially earning Canadian Vanessa Hojda two jobs.

The York University student, 20, became an Internet sensation in just a few days after she mistakenly attached a photo of Cage instead of her resume to a job application, then posting a screenshot of the email to her Tumblr.

After Gawker and everyone else picked up the story, Hodja scored more than 800 new Tumblr followers and, according to the Washington Post, a few job offers.

"I actually got some job offers saying, 'Hey, would you be interested in being a social media rep?' " Hojda told The Toronto Star.

The self-described "unironic" Cage fan learned a useful message: carefully name your files.

Hojda deleted the picture of the maniacally grinning star and renamed her resume file "ThisIsYourResumeThisIsNotAPictureOfNicolasCage.doc," though she said that was only temporary.

Her fleeting fame, however, might last longer than she thought, as her name has become certifiably Google-able.

"Now I Google my name and it comes up as a Washington Post aticle," Hojda told the Star.

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