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No Age brings back the craft of music

No Age

No Age Credit: No Age

In an era where music lives in remote servers, delivered in streams, an artist laboring over the design and manufacturing of their new LP may seem odd.

When that album is “An Object,” and the artist is No Age, the L.A. noise-punk duo of drummer/vocalist Dean Spunt and guitarist Randy Randall, it makes perfect sense. The pair is painstaking in their presentation (2008’s “Nouns” merited them a Grammy nod), and their highly physical sound is built to deliver a visceral punch, never letting the listener forget that human hands (and minds) are hard at work.

amNewYork spoke with Spunt.

“An Object” has a more specific feel than your recent work. Why is that?
We did start with a few ideas before we started writing for the record. There was a context for us to start writing, rather than us just being on the road and writing songs between tours. We were able to create our own space … maybe that’s why it has its own sound. It reminds me of our earlier record “Weirdo Rippers,” just the vibe of it, because that record was also coming from a place that we had crafted around us.

What ideas did you have in mind?
There’s the big one of trying to come up with a way of manufacturing the record ourselves. That idea kept coming up when we were writing, too. We kept trying to figure out how to make this object, and make this record. The songs had more intent.

Do you feel the freedom of digital music outweighs the loss of something tangible?
I’m not trying to be a Luddite or anything. Putting out records … is obsolete, anyway.... It’s absurd to make records. It seems like it’s a wasteful thing, if the music’s [online]. Before, the record was a vehicle for music. At this point the record isn’t a vehicle for anything, it’s just an object. It’s just art.

No Age is at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Thursday at 9 p.m., 66 N. Sixth St., Williamsburg, 718-486-5400, $15


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