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No deals reached on gay marriage, rent regs negotiated


Cuomo Credit: Getty Images

Albany legislators negotiated a tentative deal Tuesday to extend and expand rent-regulation laws, but left a historic bill that would legalize gay marriage unresolved.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos told reporters that “we’re working on details,” but was confident they’ll have a rent vote Wednesday.

The deal reportedly involves allowing rent regulations to be renewed for four years, while increasing the rent threshold at which a vacated unit can become deregulated from the current $2,000 a month to $2,500. In addition, the maximum household income for a rent-stabilized tenant would be increased from $175,000 to $200,000.

The increase is favored by Assembly Democrats and affects 1 million apartments in New York City. Senate Republicans, meanwhile, are pushing for a bill that would cap property taxes for up to five years.

A “framework” agreement between rent and property taxes also includes allowing SUNY to raise its tuition rates, Silver said.

The bills were expected to come to a vote by today, when lawmakers plan to wrap up the legislative session – although it could be extended if negotiations fall through.

One major issue remaining is the same-sex marriage bill, which passed the Assembly last week but has yet to go before the Senate. At least one more Republican senator’s support is needed for the bill to pass. Republicans are pushing for more protection for religious groups who don’t want to perform gay marriages written in the bill.

Cuomo said Tuesday he was “cautiously optimistic” gay marriage would become law.

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