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'No One Lives' a new feat for WWE superstar Brodus Clay

Beau Knapp, left, and Brodus Clay in

Beau Knapp, left, and Brodus Clay in "No One Lives." Credit: Beau Knapp, left, and Brodus Clay in "No One Lives."

WWE superstar Brodus Clay is really imposing.

He’s tall and wide — the WWE lists him at 6-foot-7 and 375 pounds — and covered with lots of tattoos. He’s wrestled since 2006, and before that, he was a bodyguard for Snoop Dogg and a former college football player.

Yet, when preparing for a fight scene in his film debut, the horror flick “No One Lives,” the stunt coordinator wanted him to wear protective gear.

“We butted heads a few times,” Clay said. “He wanted me to wear pads and stuff for the fight scene. ‘Are you crazy? I do this for a living!’ Luke Evans is 125 \[pounds\], I’m not worried about him hitting me.”

In the movie, out tomorrow, Clay plays Ethan, who faces off against Evans’ anti-hero Driver. He’s in a supporting role, but plays a key part in a gross, but also pretty cool visual effect.

When Clay was presented with the opportunity to be in the film, he didn’t even wait long enough to hear what the role was before accepting.

“I had just finished “Extreme Rules” [pay per view event],” he says. “I was healing. I had about 13 staples in the top of my head. I was down stretching at the ring and talent relations came and asked if I was interested in doing a movie, and before they could even finish, I said, “Yes. I’m in, I’m doing it.” I always wanted the opportunity to do a film, I don’t care what the character was, I’d make it work.”

While he’s playing an evil character on the big screen, in the WWE Clay’s is “The Funkasaurus,” a big-smiling, fan-favorite grappler who dances under a mirror ball spinning above the ring. He’s currently teamed up with the equally large Sweet T in the tag team Tons of Funk.

“It shows range,” Clay says. “It shows what I’m capable of doing on extreme sides of the spectrum. Ethan is a horrible human being. ‘The Funkasaurus’ is about as positive as you can get. The two are completely different, but they came from the same brain so I’m very proud of it.”

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