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Note from the publisher: Welcome to the new amNewYork

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Welcome to the new amNewYork!

From front to back, we’ve redesigned our pages to give our news coverage and features a fresh, bright and modern style, which will give readers the best experience imaginable on their ride into work.

We’ve also added new features and expanded some favorites. Check out City Living, which puts a spotlight on New York’s most interesting neighborhoods.

And we’re pleased to announce that long-time amNY brand ambassador and style columnist Kelly Killoren Bensimon will be contributing a new Q&A column, featuring insider chat with notable New Yorkers.

In addition, amNewYork will debut a new opinion page, where we will strive to be the voice of New York and a vital part of the city’s public conversation by providing informed commentary to the diverse readers and communities we serve.

And we’ll be featuring YOU, our readers, on this important page, delivering your opinions, thoughts, tweets on the most-compelling topics in city life.

Smart, thought-provoking, engaging, opinionated and, we hope, always entertaining, amNewYork steps out today with a whole new look and feel.

We hope you like it.

We are committed to bring you the most timely, innovative, entertaining, but most of all, professional daily free news product in New York City. Let us know what you think.

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