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NYC and MTA officials prep for more snow


snow Credit: Getty Images

Still recovering from the recent “snowpocalypse,” the Big Apple is bracing for some more snow this weekend.

And in the wake of last week’s fiasco that still has New Yorkers fuming, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and MTA officials announced Thursday several personnel shakeups and operational changes so that a sluggish snow cleanup doesn’t happen again.

“We find out what went wrong and we fix it,” a defensive Bloomberg told reporters.

With 2 to 5 inches of snow expected for Friday and possibly more Saturday, city and transit officials say they’re ready. The changes include:

•Demoting two Sanitation Department heads in Brooklyn along with EMS Chief John Peruggia.

•Equipping some workers with video cameras to feed latest conditions to city hall and installing GPS devices in sanitation trucks in Brooklyn.

•Plowing streets sooner when there’s as little as 2 inches of snow.

•Setting up two “incident command centers” so MTA managers can monitor the subway and buses.

•Deploying a “Plan 4” response, the highest level of preparation, including storing trains underground, getting track de-icing equipment ready and chaining bus tires. (The train storage may disrupt express train service Friday.)

•Canceling all planned subway construction and maintenance work this weekend.

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