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NYC recycling myths busted


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Marcel Van Ooyen, executive director of GrowNYC, shares tips about how to maximize your household’s recycling potential without contaminating the city’s recycling pool.

1. You CANNOT recycle takeout containers or yogurt containers.

Only glass and plastic bottles and jugs are accepted. “Some people think that because it has a recycling symbol on it, the city takes it, but no,” Van Ooyen said. “Our tip is to check if the neck is smaller than the body.”

2. You CAN recycle magazines.

“There was a lag in understanding in the beginning and people were worried that you can’t recycle glossy print, but you can,” he said. “If you can tear it, you can recycle it.”

3. You CAN recycle anything that is mostly metal.

That includes toys, old tools, even toasters. “Metal is a very valuable commodity, steel and aluminum,” Van Ooyen said. “Before you recycle, though, if it’s still working or useful, take it to a stop-and-swap.”


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