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NYC to open 78 new schools next year

The city will open 78 new schools next year to serve some 10,000 students immediately and 32,000 down the road, officials said Tuesday.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said the schools will serve students in all grade levels.

Thirty of the schools will open in Brooklyn, 20 in the Bronx, 15 in Queens, 11 in Manhattan and two in Staten Island. Fifty-one will be elementary schools, middle schools or some combination of the two, and the remaining 27 will be secondary schools. The new schools will share buildings with existing ones, officials said. Bloomberg and Walcott touted a new six-year program that combines high school with a CUNY associate degree or trade certification. "Our strategy is providing families and with more and more options," Walcott said.

Superstorm Sandy was a reminder the city needs civil engineers and technicians to replace retiring workers, said Ken Daley, the president of National Grid .

"When you think of Sandy, it shows you why this school is so important and now is the right time," he said. "10,000 employees in New York work for National Grid. Half of them will retire in five, ten years, many of them top engineers and field technicians."

--With Igor Kossov

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