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NYers to MLB: You should've let Mets wear hats honoring 9/11!

Ronny Paulino of the NY Mets wears a

Ronny Paulino of the NY Mets wears a FDNY cap during batting practice before 9/11/11 game. (Getty) Photo Credit: Ronny Paulino of the NY Mets wears a FDNY cap during batting practice before 9/11/11 game. (Getty)

New Yorkers were furious Monday with the MLB after its execs denied the Mets' request to wear hats honoring the first responders of 9/11 during the team's Sunday night game against the Chicago Cubs.

"It's bull----, it's 9/11! It's dishonorable that they wouldn't allow a New York City team to honor their city that was attacked," said Melissa Gasparovic, 25, of Harlem. "It's bureaucracy winning over pride, over honor."

Brandon Dipp, 17, of Harlem, agreed.

"This is not a bad thing they're doing, they're just remembering the people who sacrificed their lives," he said. "If they did it once they should let them do it again."

For the 10th anniversary of the attacks, the team wanted to wear hats from the FDNY, NYPD, Port Authority police and other responders to honor those lost, as they did in their first games after 9/11. But the MLB, citing a long-standing rule that disallows teams to commemorate events in unique ways, denied the request.

"For all those upset that we didn't wear the hats, I understand your anger. However, they physically took them from us after the ceremony," Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey tweeted Monday. "We had conspired to wear them but we got found out and MLB got involved."

The MLB didn't respond to requests for comment, but Joe Torre, former manager of both the Yankees and Mets and currently the MLB's VP of baseball operations, told the AP they did it "to be consistent around the league ... it's certainly not a lack of respect."

Correction: Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey was misidentified in an earlier version of this article.

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