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NYPD lauds 2 men for helping nab groping suspect

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly recognized two good Samaritans,

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly recognized two good Samaritans, Mahdi Whareed, left, and Lawrence Abdullah, center, whose actions contributed to the apprehension of an individual wanted for assaulting a police officer and for forcible touching of children. (Nov. 22, 2013) Credit: Bryan Smith

Two men whose action led to the arrest of a suspect in a Brooklyn child groping case were recognized as Good Samaritans Friday by NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Quick action by Lawrence Abdullah, 40, and Mahdi Whareed, 22, occurred Monday when they pursued the suspect -- who had allegedly just knocked down and injured a police officer -- and compelled him to show his driver's license.

Abdullah, a clothing designer, took the information to a nearby Brooklyn precinct after he saw a sketch of the Park Slope groping suspect in the news. That led to the arrest of Jesse Dailey, 34, of Brooklyn, on various charges, Kelly said.

"Their quick response and quick thinking is what makes New Yorkers proud," said Kelly during a brief ceremony at police headquarters. "They are good neighbors and Good Samaritans."

Abdullah and Whareed were heading to a Brooklyn restaurant the afternoon of Nov. 18 when they heard a woman cry out "Stop him!" The woman was a police officer who also thought Dailey resembled the sketch of the groping suspect and confronted him, Kelly said.

After the officer asked Dailey to show her some identification he knocked her down, dislocating her shoulder, and fled on foot, Kelly said.

Abdullah said he and Whareed, a student, went after the suspect and caught up with him about six blocks later.

Abdullah questioned the suspect's explanation that he thought the woman was trying to take his identification.

"I said 'that doesn't make sense, for you to run six blocks [because] a lady wanted your ID,' " Abdullah said."I said, 'You can't leave until you show me your ID,' " Abdullah said.

The suspect relented and Abdullah took a picture of the license with his smartphone and gave the image to police.

Dailey faces charges of sexual abuse, forcible touching and endangering the welfare of a child in incidents involving three girls ages 10 to 11 years old, said a spokesman for the Brooklyn district attorney's office. His defense attorney declined to comment.

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