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NYPD: Two days after corraling a loose goat, officers in the 103rd Precinct in St. Albans catch cow

A cow that got loose from a meat

A cow that got loose from a meat market was caught in a Jamaica, Queens parking garage by 103rd Precinct police officers Thursday. Photo Credit: NYPD

The officers of the NYPD’s 103rd Precinct are at their jobs until the cows come home, even if their task is getting an actual cow to come home.

For the second time this week, officers from the precinct wrangled escaped livestock.

On Tuesday, it was a loose goat in the street in St. Albans, Queens. And Thursday afternoon, officers chased a cow through a Jamaica parking garage.

Police spotted the cow near 164th Street and Jamaica Avenue. The animal, which had escaped from Halal Live, a halal meat market on 165th Street, led police down 165th Street and into a parking garage at the intersection with Archer Avenue.

“Just in case you’re wondering: there is cow on the loose in Jamaica, Queens,” tweeted J. Peter Donald, NYPD’s director of communications just after 1:30 p.m.

Officers were able to corral the cow and Halal Live’s owners retrieved it from the garage in a large truck. Deputy Insp. John Cappelmann, the 103rd Precinct’s commanding officer, tweeted that no one was injured wrangling the wayward cow.

The cow’s fate is unclear. According to media reports, a previous rescued cow went to a sanctuary. Cows escaped from Jamaica halal slaughterhouses in 2007 and again in 2009, with the latter being sent to a sanctuary following its capture.

Other less common animals that broke free in New York’s streets include a wolf-dog hybrid, an alligator and a coyote.

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