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NYPD: Whale spotted New Year’s Eve morning in East River

#Harbor spotted another whale in the East River

#Harbor spotted another whale in the East River on New Year's Eve morning 2016 right next to Gracie Mansion. Credit: NYPD

Whale, hello there!

Cops aboard an NYPD boat on Saturday morning saw a whale swimming near the mayoral residence.

“#Harbor spotted another whale in the E. River this morning right next to Gracie Mansion. Even the wildlife want to ring in #NYE2017 in #NYC,” the NYPD’s special operations division tweeted.

Based on the mammal’s dorsal fin, it appears to be a humpback whale, said Paul Sieswerda, president of Gotham Whale, which tracks marine life in the waters around New York City.

“What is it doing here? That is the question,” according to Sieswerda, who said it’s “quite unusual” for whales to be in the New York Harbor.

The whale’s presence could mean it’s sick or otherwise unhealthy, or simply that followed fish on which it had been feeding into the river.

The New Year’s Eve whale spotting was the second since November, when a whale apparently snacking on fish swam into the Hudson River to eat bait fish, he said. That whale swam out to sea on its own.

NYPD spokeswoman Sophia Mason said Saturday that she didn’t know the latest whale’s current location.

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