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Occupy Wall Street and NYPD clash at rally in Bryant Park

OWS arrest

OWS arrest Credit: Cops arrested at least two protesters outside a midtown Bank of America (Marc Beja)

At least four Occupy Wall Street protesters, some clad in clown costumes, were arrested Wednesday in a midtown showdown with police during the movement's first major rally of the year.

Hundreds marched in Bryant Park to protest corporate influence in politics, the group said, later moving onto nearby Bank of America locations where they were met with scores of cops blocking them from entering at least a half dozen bank lobbies.

Of the four occupiers arrested, one was trying to break through a police barricade, two were collared as protesters tried to erect a tent on the sidewalk outside a bank, and another was cited for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk.

Police said they planned to release two with tickets for disorderly conduct and charge the other two with obstructing government administration and disorderly conduct.

The bank march, part of a larger nationwide movement involving Portland, Las Vegas, Denver and dozens of other cities, began around noon and wrapped up by 2 p.m.

Nine protesters were arrested early Wednesday morning at Zuccotti Park and on Wall Street in separate rallies.

The movement hit a snag in November, when the NYPD evicted protesters from their Zuccotti Park home, where they had been camping out since September.

Organizers said Wednesday that they plan to return to the park next month to mark the six-month anniversary since the protests began, and said they will have another national rally on May 1.

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