A march and protest were planned by Occupy Wall Street organizers for the last day of Fashion Week, but only about 20 people followed through due to inclement weather.

Julie Goldsmith, 29, from Astoria, Queens, was one of the last protesters to leave Calvin Klein's venue at 205 W. 39th St. at around 4 p.m. after a short stint Thursday afternoon.

Goldsmith wore red makeup around her eyes to symbolize protesters who have been pepper sprayed, she said.

"We just wanted to bring awareness to some of the injustices perpetrated by the fashion industry," Goldsmith said. "A lot of women out there and a lot of men too are marginalized by these ideals of beauty that are totally impossible to live up to."

Goldsmith said the cause was personal for her.

"I myself suffered for a long time with body image issues," she said. "I don't want anyone to grow up feeling like they're not good enough."

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Goldsmith also named "unfair business practices, elitist attitudes and ethnocentricity" among the reasons protesters rallied against fashion.

Occupier Emily Bruenig, 23, from Upstate New York, argued that animal rights are another issue with the fashion world, telling Newsday that she was against animal testing.