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Oliver Platt gets suburban with 'The Oranges'

Oliver Platt and Allison Janney in

Oliver Platt and Allison Janney in "The Oranges." Credit: Oliver Platt and Allison Janney in "The Oranges."

After spending his summer doing "As You Like It" in Shakespeare in the Park, Oliver Platt is spending his fall on movie screens in "The Oranges."

In the suburban New Jersey-set film, which opens Friday, Platt plays Terry Ostroff. He lives with wife Carol (Allison Janney), across the street from his best friends, the Wallings: David (Hugh Laurie), Paige (Catherine Keener) and their daughter Vanessa (Alia Shawkat).

All is going well until the Ostroff's daughter Nina (Leighton Meester) comes home for the holidays. Soon, Nina finds herself in David's arms and things escalate.

amNewYork spoke with Platt about the film.

What brought you to this film? What I really thought was so fascinating [was] the way that this particular story was constructed. Traditionally, you'd have this relationship, and then the revelation is going to happen on page 90. The wonderful thing about this movie is that it actually happens a whole lot earlier than that. The movie is actually about how people think they should respond and how they actually do respond.

What do you like about Terry? Terry lives such a prescribed life. It's almost like he lives his life on these little railroad tracks - he knows where he's going every day and what he's going to do. This really sort of derails him, if you'll forgive the horrible metaphor. And that's an interesting character to play. The character is also sort of beautifully underwritten. That's always fun because a lot of stuff is happening in the silences.

How was it working with Hugh? Hugh is extraordinary. First of all, he's a very pleasant, understated fellow. He's got an extraordinary ear - you know, he's an accomplished musician. And, just on a technical level, he doesn't speak in his English accent. He speaks in the accent of the character on the set. I literally didn't hear Hugh's native accent until we went to the Toronto Film Fest. I would try and trick him. But he wouldn't do it, but of course I loved the fact that he wouldn't do it because that made it just that much more fun.

You also star in "The Big C." How's that going? We're about to start shooting our final season and I find myself incredibly grateful for that knowledge. That's a real luxury for an actor, and primarily for the storytellers, because they get to wrap things up in a purposeful and, hopefully, an artful way.


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