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On amNewYork's 8th anniversary, remembering the milestones


amny Credit: Some of our notable covers over the year/amNY Photo Illustration

What were you doing on the morning of Oct. 10, 2003? Perhaps you were reading the first edition of amNewYork, which debuted that day. In the eight years that have passed, we’ve gone through a lot together, and we now count hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers as loyal readers.

Our reporters and editors have broken countless stories, providing you a snapshot of what’s happening around the corner and around the world. We appreciate having you as a reader and, today, we want to share with you a selection of our proudest moments.

And don’t forget that, unlike eight years ago, you can now read us wherever you go on our iPhone app, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare to stay in the know.

Unforgettable Covers

You may not know this about your favorite morning read, but the venerable Newseum in Washington regularly places our covers among the nation’s top 10. Here are some covers that the staff at amNewYork fondly recalls.

Hip-poprisy, 2004

When some hip-hop stars were preaching the importance of voting, we did some digging and found out the celebrities weren’t even registered to vote themselves.

Undercover Kitty, 2006 (above, top left)

Who doesn’t love kittens, especially ones that win an award for helping the Brooklyn DA bust a crooked veterinarian? Our “Undercover Kitty” cover from 2006 was a sensation.

Imus in the Mourning, 2007

We tweaked the title of Don Imus’ famous radio show when he got in hot water following racially charged comments he made about the Rutgers women’s basketball team.

That Bites, 2007 (above, bottom left)

The MTA was raising fares again, so we turned a MetroCard into a coin-gobbling Pac-Man.

Paterson the Grinch, 2008

David Paterson was pushing to tax everything from iTunes to taxi rides, so we turned our governor into the grinch.

Out with a Bang, 2008 (above, top right)

When Eliot Spitzer resigned as governor in a shocking prostitute sex scandal, our cover headline said it all.

DeCapoTated, 2008

After a crime family was dealt a crippling blow by the feds, our DeCapoTated cover ended up on long-term display at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

Stick a Fork in Him, 2011 (above, bottom right)

When it looked liked Anthony Weiner’s career was toast, we placed him in a hot-dog bun and stuck a fork in it.


amNewYork has long prided itself on its special reporting projects, in-depth features and investigations that get people talking. Here are some of our prouder moments.

MTA coverage

We’ve consistently broken important stories on the MTA beat. One of our favorites was a 2010 scoop which revealed the transit union was spending millions for field trips to Great Adventure.

Endangered NYC, 2006-present

As historic buildings and classic mom-and-pops kept getting demolished, amNewYork launched a multi-year public-service project, “Endangered NYC,” to bring attention and help protect these special places. Our efforts won us a Grassroots Preservation Award from the Historic Districts Council.

Religion NYC, 2008

When Pope Benedict XVI visited New York in 2008, we took an in-depth, multimedia look at the role religion plays in the lives of New Yorkers.

Debt Generation, 2006
Our special series on how debt is crippling the lives of young people won plaudits for shedding light on a growing problem.

New York, Noo Yawk, 2008

Our in-depth series of stories on the state of the New York accent got lots of attention, even making the homepage of The New York Times. And it certainly got you tawking about the way we speak, and whether the accent is fading away. (It isn’t.)


amNewYork has made many inroads in providing you with 24-hours news, when and where you want it. Some highlights.

BLOGS: Over the years, amNewYork has featured many popular blogs, including the groundbreaking Tracker on transportation, and Urbanite, which covered all things New York.

TWITTER: Our Twitter follower count is approaching 10,000, and our feed is among the most popular in the NYC media scene. So follow us!

BREAKING NEWS: We were among the first papers to break the news of the Miracle on the Hudson, and our minute-by-minute coverage of Hurricane Irene kept New Yorkers informed all day. 

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