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On Hulu: 'The Awesomes' -- 3 stars

"The Awesomes"

"The Awesomes" Credit: "The Awesomes"

The Awesomes
3 stars

Forget The Avengers. There’s a new superhero team in town, courtesy of “Saturday Night Live” star and future “Late Night” host Seth Meyers and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” writer Michael Shoemaker.

“The Awesomes” — which streams exclusively on starting today — were once the premier hero team around. Then their leader, Mr. Awesome, announced his retirement. With the top hero gone, the rest of the team departs, leaving Mr. Awesome’s son, Professor Doctor Awesome (shortened to Prock), who is supersmart and can stop time for a few seconds, and the dimwitted Muscleman.

So yeah, “The Awesomes” is silly adult humor masquerading as a fun comic book story.

The pilot has Prock (voiced by Meyers) and Muscleman (Ike Barinholtz, “The Mindy Project”), having to put together a new Awesomes team, except that the best superheroes don’t want anything to do with the team now that Mr. Awesome is gone.

Enter the rejects.

The team is filled out with powerful heroes with even more powerful problems, from being crazy (the speedster Frantic) to having mommy issues (The Impresario, who has a mystic gem that makes hard-light creations, typically in the shape of his mother) to being a child (Sumo, an 11-year-old boy who Hulks out into a powerful sumo wrestler). Also joining the team is Gadget Gal, who was an original member of The Awesomes in the 1940s, now de-aged physically but still having the personality of a slightly offensive elderly woman.

“The Awesomes” has the kind of pop-culture-aware humor you’d expect from a show created by an “SNL” veteran.

Couple that with some seriously base, juvenile jokes and you have a fun, light hero farce with just enough story to keep you coming back for more.

“The Awesomes” streams starting Thursday on

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