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Ozzy's genetics kept him alive during hard-partying lifestyle


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Maybe he’s a little more X-Man than Iron Man.

Scientists said rock legend Ozzy Osbourne has genetic mutations in his DNA that have allowed the 61-year-old to survive his hard-partying lifestyle of booze and drugs.

The former Black Sabbath singer has gene variants “we’ve never seen before,” geneticist Nathaniel Pearson told ABC News. The most significant variants affect how Osbourne’s body processes drugs and alcohol.

“I’ve always said that at the end of the world there will be roaches, Ozzy and Keith Richards,” Ozzy’s wife Sharon Osbourne reportedly said.

Scientists chose Osbourne because through studying someone who shows unique features — such as Osbourne's resilience to a lifetime of hard partying — they can better understand which genetic variants lead to certain traits or vulnerabilities.

Osbourne had unique variants on genes associated with addiction, alcoholism and the absorption, which scientists think has been his key to survival. The scientists presented their findings at TEDMED, a medical advancement conference.

They added, however, that Osbourne has trouble metabolizing caffeine.

“Turns out that Ozzy’s kryptonite is caffeine,” scientist Jorge Conde reportedly said.


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