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Past trades made Knicks winners

Carmelo Anthony #7 of the New York Knicks.

Carmelo Anthony #7 of the New York Knicks. (Getty) Credit: Carmelo Anthony #7 of the New York Knicks. (Getty)

The Knicks seem unlikely to execute a major deal before today's trade deadline. They're no strangers to franchise-altering acquisitions in their history, though. Here's a look at the three midseason moves that netted New York some of the best players in franchise history.

Dec. 19, 1968
Knicks acquire Dave DeBusschere from Pistons for Walt Bellamy and Howard Komives

DeBusschere and Bellamy are both in the Hall of Fame, but only DeBusschere led his team to two NBA titles. In 5 1/2 seasons in New York, DeBusschere averaged 16 points and 10.7 rebounds.

Bellamy produced similar numbers for Detroit, but only appeared in 109 games for the team before continuing his career elsewhere. Fun fact: Bellamy holds an NBA record for playing in 88 games during the 1968-69 season as a result of this trade.

Nov. 10, 1971
Knicks acquire Earl Monroe from Bullets for Mike Riordan, Dave Stallworth and cash

"The Pearl" was not as statistically impressive in New York as he had been in Baltimore, but the Hall of Famer spent the rest of the '70s starring for the Knicks and helping them win their last NBA title in 1973.

Riordan had a few good seasons with the Bullets, but the Knicks easily got the better end of this one.

Feb. 22, 2011
Knicks acquire Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Renaldo Balkman, Anthony Carter, Shelden Williams and Corey Brewer in three-team deal with Nuggets and Timberwolves; Knicks sent Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Timofey Mozgov, a 2012 first-round pick, a 2013 second-round pick, a 2014 first-round pick and cash to the Nuggets, and Eddy Curry, Anthony Randolph and cash to the Timberwolves

The move literally made over the Knicks roster in a heartbeat, but in the end it netted them the star they coveted in Anthony. Two years later, he's the only player still with the team - and they managed to reacquire Felton last summer. The ends will surely justify the means here since the team is back among the Eastern Conference elite for the first time in more than a decade thanks to Anthony, who is currently second in the NBA in scoring.

Gallinari is currently Denver's leading scorer, while Chandler is a contributor off the bench and Mozgov sees limited minutes. Oddly enough, both Brewer and Randolph ended up with the Nuggets, with Brewer serving as a solid sixth man for the current Western Conference No. 5 seed. With two future draft choices to evaluate, it may not be fair to say the Nuggets lost this one, but in the short term this was a big win for basketball at the Garden.

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