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Patrick Duffy on becoming Bobby again


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Who says you can never go home again?

For Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray and Larry Hagman, they're about to head back to their longtime television home of Southfork Ranch in Texas for the new series, "Dallas."

amNewYork spoke with Duffy, who played nice guy Bobby Ewing in the classic series.

Why do you keep coming back to Bobby? My god, I don't know! My wife was so flabbergasted. She said, "You spent 20 years trying to break the Bobby mold, and what do you do?" I said, "I'm being Bobby, I think, for the rest of my life." I think this is it. I've got to tell you though, I did try to break the mold for a while, but this is the best job ever.

Was it nice to be reunited with Larry and Linda? I'm so grateful that this show is on the air now [and] that I get to work with Larry and Linda again, who are my dearest and closest friends in life.

What makes this "Dallas" project the right one? [Showrunner] Cynthia [Cidre] just understood it inherently, and she got the voices of every one of those characters perfectly. When Larry, Linda and I read that first script, we talked to each other - because we would never do it if the other two didn't want to - and we said we were in. This is the best thing we've read concerning "Dallas," including probably half of the episodes of the original show. That's how good she is.

Are you able to just fall back into the role? That's the scary part. It's pretty much snap your fingers and boom ... The same was true for Larry and Linda. It was eerie [that] it felt so natural. So I knew it was the appropriate thing to do.

Is this all filmed in Dallas? That's a very important aspect of the show - it's done entirely in Texas. The old show was done a few months in Texas for exteriors and then we'd come to Los Angeles. We'd even shoot exteriors here and try not to film palm trees. [Now] we go to Texas and we shoot "Dallas." That just makes it right.

Are there other roles you've had that you'd also like to revisit? Oddly enough, I would like to return to the concept of "The Man From Atlantis." We did a great pilot, in my opinion, but when we went to series, we became Batman underwater. And that was fine, and thank goodness we were canceled because a week later I started "Dallas." 

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