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'Paul Reiser Show' joins list of axed-in-a-flash series



So much for Paul Reiser’s big return to TV. After only two episodes (and tons of pre-emptive press), NBC yanked “The Paul Reiser Show” from the air.

The show premiered to 3.3 million viewers, ranking as the network’s lowest-rated in-season comedy debut ever. In the spirit of shows that suck, we look at five others whose lifespan was shorter than a fruit fly's.

Osbournes Reloaded
(Fox, 2009, axed after one episode)
What: A variety show starring the Osbournes. Enough said.

Emily’s Reasons Why Not
(ABC, 2006, axed after one episode)
What: The episode was about a self-help author (Heather Graham) who was convinced the man she was dating was gay, only to learn that he was a Mormon practicing chastity. Wait, what?

The Beautiful Life
(CW, 2009, axed after two episodes)
What: Remember Mischa Barton? She starred in this wooden, lame-o drama about a group of models living together in New York, produced by Ashton Kutcher. She so should’ve stayed in “The OC.”

Viva Laughlin
(CBS, 2007, axed after two episodes)
What: A campy Las Vegas-set musical-dramedy murder mystery centered around a businessman who wants to open a casino. That sound OK to you? Consider this: The show  often had its stars (including Hugh Jackman) break out into contemporary song.

My Generation
(ABC, 2010, axed after two episodes)
What: A too-smug drama that revisited a group of high school classmates a decade after graduation. Its reliance of stereotypes (such as The Nerd, The Pretty One, The Rich Kid and The Jock, played by Mehcad Brooks) who find themselves tangled up in Aught-defining events (9/11, Enron, Afghanistan war) made it seem forced and cheesy, not zeitgeisty.


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