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Phillip Bloch's 'Shopping Diet'



Between holiday shopping and boundless sales, it’s easy to overspend this time of year. Noted stylist Phillip Bloch’s new book “The Shopping Diet” aims to help women take a cold, hard look at their consumption habits and learn how to make the most of what they have in their closets. Here, Bloch offers basic tips on how to jump-start your shopping diet — or, in other words, how to cut back on spending while still looking chic.

Keep a journal
“People are really relating to this [tip!]. Write down what you wear daily —if you change, write it down,” said Bloch. “You’ll find yourself saying “I do wear that same blouse all the time or I always wear that black pencil skirt.”

Question yourself
While shopping, Bloch suggested always questioning potential purchases. “Ask yourself: 'Will this make me look good or will this make me look better?'” he said. “If you’re saying ‘it’s a nice sweater, but’ ... leave it.”

Seek out transformational items
According to Bloch, most of us have about six to eight sectors in our lives that dictate how we dress. For example: Carting your kids around town, work, weekend, dates, etc. When shopping, aim to buy pieces that fit into at least 3 to 4 sectors.

“Is that beaded ball gown or the studded Loubatin boots going to fit into more than one?
Probably not,” Bloch said. And if you really want that beaded dress? “Get one that has beading around the neckline so you can throw a blazer over it and wear it to the office,” Bloch suggested.

Phillip's bonus style tip: Think outside the black!
“Can we get past the LBD? Think outside the box, maybe its a little burgundy dress or a little navy dress!”

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