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Photos allegedly prove Mark Sanchez's tryst with 17-year-old


amny Credit: Getty Images

A trio of photos supposedly of Mark Sanchez’s drab bedroom allegedly prove the Jets star “hooked up” with a 17-year-old girl, but the so-called sex scandal is eliciting more yawns that gasps.

That’s because an encounter would not have violated any laws. The age of consent in New Jersey — where Sanchez lives — is 16, and in New York is 17.

“We went back to his place in Jersey after dinner,” the girl, know as E.K., told Deadspin. “He lives on a golf course.”

When asked whether she “hooked up” with Sanchez, 24, she said “Yeah.”

The girl, who says she met Sanchez at a New Year’s Eve party, contacted Deadspin, the report says, then gave interviews about the supposed tryst and sent the pictures to prove it.

But E.K. changed her mind and her attorney threatened legal action against Deadspin if it published the story.

The report also said the Jets knew about the story and advised E.K. The team said in a statement: “We are not going to discuss Mark’s private life.”

E.K.’s attorney told Deadspin last week said that she did nothing wrong.

Deadspin did not return requests for comment.

Joe Caporoso, of, dismissed the story.

“The [next] season’s so far away that it’s hard to imagine this will be an issue next season,” he said.

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