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Plain White T's frontman opines on 'Younger' self

Plain White T's

Plain White T's Credit: Handout

Although the lead singer of the Plain White T’s turns another year older today, he’s still just a kid at heart.

And with the pop-rock band’s latest album, “Wonders of the Younger,” frontman Tom Higgenson, 32, said he wants to inspire fans to recapture their childlike thirst for life and awe of the world.

Many of the album’s upbeat, light-hearted songs — inspired by Higgenson’s own memories — simultaneously invoke a nostalgia for childhood and the hope for new adventure and excitement, he said.

The band strove to reach new heights with this album by experimenting with musical arrangements and having guitarist Tim Lopez sing the lead vocals on two of the record’s 14 tracks.

amNewYork spoke with Higgenson recently.

The New York show is on your birthday — do you have any special plans?
You’ve got to put it out there so maybe fans do something crazy for me — how about that?

What’s the favorite “wonder” from your childhood?
I was an only child, so my family would take vacations with my grandparents, all my aunts and uncles — it would be like 12 of us going on vacation together. So those are definitely some of my fondest memories as a kid.

How is this album different from past records?
With the last album, “Big Bad World,” we were trying to go for a live, rough-around-the-edges feel, and with this album, it was the exact opposite: We wanted it to convey a certain feeling or emotion.

And what is that feeling?
I want it to feel like you’re young, watching “The Goonies” for the first time.

What was your reaction to Tim Lopez on vocals?
I love him. I love his voice, I love these songs, so why the hell not? It’s all about the music, in the end, connecting with people.

If you go: The Plain White T’s are playing at Highline Ballroom Tuesday at 7:30. 431 W. 16th St., 212-414-5994, $20.

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