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Pol says state could settle on budget this weekend



Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said Thursday that lawmakers could complete a state budget deal over the weekend.

With an April 1 deadline looming, Sheldon, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos met Thursday to try to reconcile differences about cuts in education and social services, and on taxes for the wealthy in an effort to close a $10 billion budget gap.

Cuomo has vowed to shut down the government if a budget is not approved by the deadline.

Skelos and Silver said that is unlikely to happen.

Silver added that he “would hope” to have a deal completed by the weekend, adding, “I do not think the government will shut down.”

The biggest disagreements concern $1 billion in cuts to Medicaid and $1.5 billion in cuts to education under Cuomo’s budget proposal.

Skelos said that a millionaires’ tax Democrats have been pushing was “off the table.”

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