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Police: Mom held in apparent suicide try, boy's slaying

A 49-year-old mother was in police custody Friday after she indicated to investigators she took the life of her 8-year-old with a dose of prescription pills at the Peninsula Hotel, officials said.

Charges were pending against the woman police identified as socialite Gigi Jordan of Manhattan, after police were tipped off by a relative in Belgium that she might be trying to harm herself and her son, Jude Michael Mirra.

Police went to the Peninsula after first going to the woman's apartment at Trump Plaza on Central Park, where the staff told them that she had taken a room at the nearby hotel, said police spokesman Paul Browne. Police found the hotel room door double-locked and obstructed by a chair, Browne said.

After police forced the door open, they found the child lying dead on the bed, Browne said. His mother was alive, sitting on the floor next to the bed and was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center, where she was in stable condition Friday, Browne said. "She has made statements implicating herself in [her] son's death," said Browne.

He added that a note left by the woman told police to check the laptop computer they found in her hotel room for the motive of the apparent murder and attempted suicide. The note also contained the computer password, Browne added.

An autopsy on the child is slated for Saturday.

Corporate and property records indicated that Jordan had been a principal through 2006 of a 2,400-acre horse farm in Virginia that she ran for a time with pharmaceutical executive Raymond A. Mirra Jr.

Mirra and Jordan were married years ago, police said, but he is not Jude Michael's biological father. Mirra couldn't be reached for comment.

The horse farm, operating under the name Stone Ridge Enterprises, is near Lynchburg, Va. Locals said the property, once valued at an estimated $24 million, is sometimes used for summer camps and outings for children suffering from cancer.

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