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Prince: A glimpse at the musican's fan mail


Prince Credit: Getty

On first blush there may not be many parallels between Prince and Santa Claus.

The diminutive purple rocker from Minnesota is certainly more trim than the bearded bringer of joy, and he works a much less-strenuous schedule.

Both Santa and Prince, however, get their share of fan mail, if you will.
We intercepted these missives sent to Prince, who kicks off his “Welcome 2 America” mini-tour in the Big Apple on Saturday, to give you an idea of the requests that the soul superstar has to deal with every day.

Dear Prince,
For Christmas this year, I’d like the relevance you said I lack earlier this year. Remember?

You said I was “over?” If only I could be used to, say, purchase the songs of the greatest bands ever simply and easily, spreading their joy and craft to younger generations ...


The Internet

Dear Prince,
All we want for Christmas is the “washed up ’90s R&B band” tour spot on “Welcome 2 America 2011.”

C’mon, Mint Condition? We could sing circles around them!’

Shai, All4 One and/or The Tony Rich Project

Dear Prince,
Remember when you wrote that “Purple and Gold” song in January for our playoff game? How you intended for that to be a big fight song anthem for our Super Bowl run?

Since then, we’ve lost the NFC title game, we’ve fired our coach, our stadium is broken and our quarterback may or may not have sent pictures of his mini-Farve to a female Jets employee.

I hear the Chicago Bears could use a snappy little ditty.

The Minnesota Vikings

Dear Prince,
We don’t want to go to Target.

We don’t want to buy a U.K. newspaper or German magazine.

We get the whole “alternative distribution” thing, but is there any chance that we could just go to our local record store or wherever else and buy your next album?

With love,

If you go: Prince is playing at MSG on Saturday, Dec. 29 and Jan. 18 at 7:30 p.m. 4 Penn Plz., 212-465-6741. $20.10-$179.50

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