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Pro skater Jereme Rogers to shell out $3,000 for hotel rampage

Jeremy Rogers, 2006. (Getty)

Jeremy Rogers, 2006. (Getty) Credit: Jeremy Rogers, 2006. (Getty)

The professional skateboarder who went on a destructive, naked rampage at the Shelburne Hotel earlier this month has agreed to pay back nearly $3,000 for the damage he caused, blaming the tear on what he thought were anti-hangover pills.

Jereme Rogers, 26, pleaded guilty to criminal mischief and promised to repay the hotel $2,850. He was released without bail Wednesday after spending five days in jail.

Rogers said he wasn't himself during the Jan. 5 incident.

"I had a few drinks with this girl," Rogers said smiling as he left Manhattan Criminal Court. "She gave me a couple of pills. I became something I wasn't - something like The Hulk. Though I was doing something destructive, I felt like was saving the world."

He denied reports that he was high on PCP during the episode.

If the Los Angeles native fails to pay half of what he owes by Jan. 31, he could face up to a year in jail.

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