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Protesters 'swipe back' at fare hikes by sharing MetroCard swipes


Straphangers Credit: (Getty Images)

MTA fare hikes go into effect on Sunday, and some straphangers are "swiping back."

A group of anti-fare hike riders is trying to "boycott" the hike by buying unlimited MetroCards and swiping commuters in, the group said.

“We would boycott the subway, if we could. But since it’s an essential public service, we need it, to get to our jobs and live our lives," the group wrote on its website.

"So instead of boycotting, we find ways to express our protest, like this: If you use your unlimited card to swipe someone else in, then you’re effectively helping them boycott the fare hike, sort of like boycotting it forward."

Though the plan is perfectly legal, MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg said its logic doesn't quite add up.

“If anyone thinks the best way to balance the MTA's budget is to reduce the amount of money we collect from customers, then their math is as bad as their logic,” Lisberg told Gothamist.

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