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Punishment unclear for SNY employee who mocked Mets


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It’s still unclear what will happen to the SNY employee who aired a mocking “Family Guy” audio clip after the beleaguered Mets lost their season opener.

In a statement Saturday, SNY spokesman Andrew Fegyveresi alluded to some sort of punishment for the unnamed TV technician, saying the matter “is being dealt with internally.” Fegyveresi didn’t return a call seeking comment Sunday about the employee’s fate, but said in the statement that it was “a very poor decision by an individual employee.”

Viewers of Friday’s Opening Day game between the Mets and the Florida Marlins could briefly hear the clip played over the broadcast as the Marlins celebrated their 6-2 win.

The clip comes from an episode aired last fall in which the sardonic baby, Stewie, realizes Halloween was “a bigger letdown than being a Mets fan.”

In the next scene, he’s shown at an Opening Day Mets game in which an announcer says, “It’s Opening Day, and here’s the first pitch ... and the season’s over!”

In Friday’s prank, though, viewers only heard the clip up to the word “pitch.”

Bloggers and fans of “Family Guy” were quick to post the gaffe online.

A Mets spokesman took the potshot in stride, telling the Daily News, “I’m sure that what happened was accidental, not malicious, and I'm sure the person who did it felt terrible.”


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