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QNA: Guinness' most tattooed woman chats on not being Michelle McGee

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Julia Gnuse, 55, is the world’s most tattooed woman, with 95 percent of her body inked. She spoke to amNewYork on Wednesday about breaking a Guinness World Record, working with Aerosmith and why she’s not Michelle McGee.

You got your first tattoo at 35. How did it all begin?
It’s all because of the skin disorder I started having at that age, porphyria. … It’s just my remedy of covering up a scar from a blister if it would appear.

And that brought you to Guinness?
They had found me doing other shows. I was in an Aerosmith music video …. the song was called “Pink,” and we did get a Grammy.

Where’s your most recent tattoo?
On my buttock area. It’s a portrait of Gladys Kravitch. She played one of the characters in “Bewitched.” I did the whole cast on my buttocks.

Where don’t you have tattoos?
The feet and the ears inside, I haven’t tattooed.

I’ll bet you get a fair amount of attention.
I get double takes, no doubt about it.

Are you ever compared to Michelle McGee, the woman that Sandra Bullock’s husband cheated with?
I’ve seen her a lot on TV here lately, and I said to tell to myself, “Oh boy, people are going to have the same attitude about me, since they’re showing her so much,” but then I said, “No, not really. I’m just not her attitude and spirit.”

You certainly do seem nicer than Michelle. How do you stay so positive?
It’s just the spirit and the attitude. Just keep on truckin’. If anything happens to you, just keep moving on.

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