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Quinn proposes easing some parking rules

It's a ritual that car-owning New Yorkers love to hate: Move the car to the other side of the street during designated hours each week or risk getting a ticket.

Some measure of relief may be on the way, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said yesterday.

In her State of the City speech, Quinn proposed easing alternate-side parking restrictions on streets that are clean enough to get away with being swept less often.

Under the plan, streets that the mayor's office has rated 90 percent clean for two years could earn a reduction in the number of days that alternate-side rules are in effect.

For instance, if parking is now prohibited from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. Mondays and Thursdays, the restriction could be halved to just Mondays or just Thursdays.

The purpose of New York City's alternate-side parking rules is to clear the streets for street sweepers. But with the city Sanitation Department busy clearing snow, alternate-side rules were suspended for most of January.

Marc LaVorgna, a spokesman for Mayor Michael Bloomberg, said the city collects an average of $240,000 in alternate-side tickets on days when the rules are in effect.

The legislation to change the rules is still being drafted, and Quinn did not provide an estimate of how much the reduction in alternate-side restrictions might cost the city in lost revenue.

- AP

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