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'Quirky,' an inventive new show

'Quirky' star Ben Kaufman, left, works with Jake

'Quirky' star Ben Kaufman, left, works with Jake Zien on his new invention, the Pivot Power flexible power strip. Photo Credit: 'Quirky' star Ben Kaufman, left, works with Jake Zien on his new invention. (Christian Clothier)

Ever have an idea for a cool new invention, but no way to do anything about it? Those days are over, thanks to an invention from 24-year-old Manhattan businessman Ben Kaufman, who launched the website

On Quirky, anyone can submit his or her ideas for new gadgets and devices. Once an idea is chosen, Kaufman and his crew will begin to work to bring it to market.

That journey is captured on the new Sundance Channel reality series, “Quirky.” Not convinced? Here are a few reasons to check out “Quirky.”

Gadgets are cool
Who doesn’t like to check out new cool things? “Quirky” shows you some of the latest gadgets, from a power strip that is moveable so you can use it with all the bulky plugs from your devices, to a combinationbowl and strainer to make your pasta making easier.

Awesome technology
Besides the gadgets, you get to see the process for making the items, which is sometimes more interesting than the item itself. Did you know that there are 3-D printers that can take a schematic and create a small plastic mockup of a gadget? It’s pretty amazing.

You can get involved
While it’s too late to get involved with the television series this season, you could head over to right now and start the process of submitting your own cool invention idea or helping others with their design. And that’s how you start making money. I bet you’re more interested now, huh?

Support local businessmen is run by Kaufman, the CEO of the company and the real star of the show. His exuberance for invention and the ideas of regular folk is seriously infectious, and you’ll be quickly hooked.

On TV:
“Quirky” debuts onSundance Channel Tuesday at 10 p.m.


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